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Blog: Island Style Chicken and Dumplings

Island Style Chicken and Dumplings

Posted by: Christie Vanover

The weather may be warming up, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy comfort food, especially when it’s made island-style. I’ve lived in a variety of Southern states and have learned to appreciate Southern dishes, but they can be a little heavy for the summer.

This recipe is a twist on chicken and dumplings made with pineapple juice and
King’s Hawaiian® Original Hawaiian Sweet Rolls.

Chicken and Dumplings

I’ll never forget walking through a pineapple plantation in Oahu and sampling truly fresh pineapple. There is nothing like it. It’s sweet as candy and juicy as a Georgia peach. While I would have loved a glass of fresh Hawaiian pineapple juice for this recipe, the canned juice we have here in Vegas worked great.

What makes this truly island-style though is the use of King’s Hawaiian® Original Hawaiian Sweet Rolls as dumplings. The rolls are always tender, so they make the perfect dumpling. You add them to the subtly sweet, herbal, creamy broth and bake them covered, so they steam up nicely with the chicken. This version of a Southern classic is sure to brighten your summer.

Find Christie's recipe here.


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Christie Vanover
Christie Vanover is the chef and blogger for She has traveled the world as a military wife developing zesty, sumptuous recipes. She has loved the Hawaiian islands since visiting as a young girl. Today, she infuses Hawaiian flavors with other cultural techniques she's learned through her travels.