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Whenever I think of giving, I think of food. Food is my favorite gift to give. I give cookies at Christmas, candy at Valentines Day. I make cupcakes for birthdays and casseroles for a new mom or a sick friend. But my favorite way to give food is as a thank you. A handwritten note and a plate of goodies, I think, is the best way to tell someone how much you appreciate what they did for you.

Recently, my sister-in-law babysat our dog for us while we were out of town. Normally, we would have boarded our Ginger, but there were some circumstances that prevented that. My sister-in-law stayed overnight at our house for the weekend, feeding and loving our dog for us, even though she’s totally not a dog person.

Now, if that doesn’t deserve a huge thank you, I don’t know what does!

Whenever I make a thank you treat, I think about the person I’m making them for. What do they like? Cupcakes? Cookies? I try to tailor the treat to their favorites, since I’m making it special for them.

My sister-in-law loves lemon bars, a lot. I’ve made a few versions for her before, but I wanted to try something new.

I love KING'S HAWAIIAN® bread - any and all of the flavors and types. When deciding what kind of crust to use for my new lemon bar recipe, inspiration struck. A KING'S HAWAIIAN® crust. Could it work? Because if it did work, it would be awesome.

Guess what? Not only did it work, and not only was it awesome, it’s crazy amazing! Who would have thought you could crumble up the world’s best bread and turn it into a crust?

King's Hawaiian White Chocolate Lemon Baras

The crust is made with the KING'S HAWAIIAN® Original Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls, butter, and some graham cracker crumbs. You don’t even need to add sugar, because the rolls are sweet to start. Once the rolls are crumbled and you add butter, you press them in the pan and pre-bake them slightly.

The lemon bar mixture is one of my favorites yet. It’s a mixture of sweetened condensed milk, lemon, and an egg. Super simple! You pour it over the hot crust and bake it until it’s firm. It’s almost like a cheesecake texture, but softer and sweeter - an delightfully lemony!

I added some white chocolate to the bars because, well, white chocolate and lemon need to be married. It’s one of the best combos ever!

So, next time you need to say thank you to someone, or are in the giving mood, give food. They’ll love it, I promise. And, maybe give them lemon bars. With a KING'S HAWAIIAN® crust!

Here's the recipe to make these onolicious lemon bars. Enjoy!