Mini Chocolate Marshmallow and Strawberry Panini

Angela Barrett
Meet the Chef!
Angela Barrett
Angela Barrett is a self-proclaimed foodie. She writes for Big Bear's Wife, where she shares recipes, restaurant reviews and craft tutorials. She started cooking at the age of 21 when she married her husband, with the goal of becoming the "perfect housewife" and getting her husband to eat something other than steak and potatoes.
Recipe Details

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Marshmallow Fluff

sliced strawberries

Panini grill (or you can use a frying pan and spatula)**

KING'S HAWAIIAN Original Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls

Step 1
Open the KING'S HAWAIIAN Dinner Rolls and spread the Chocolate Hazelnut Spread onto one side of the roll and Marshmallow Fluff onto the other side.
Step 2
Place the sliced strawberries over the chocolate and marshmallow. Close the sandwiches, and place them onto a hot Panini grill.
Step 3
Close the grill and let heat for about 1 -2 minutes. Remove from the grills and enjoy.

Angela Barrett says:

If using a frying pan, heat a frying pan on medium – high heat. Spray with a little non-stick spray. Once hot, press sandwich into frying pan with spatula and let heat for 30 seconds -45 seconds, or until chocolate hazelnut spread starts to melt

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