chourico egg & fries sandwich

Recipe Details

1/2 lb Portuguese chourico

2 large eggs

1 Cup raw fries

1/4 Cup Diced sauteed green peppers

1/4 Cup Diced sauteed onions

1 KING'S HAWAIIAN Original Hawaiian Sweet Round Bread (1/2 in. slice)

Step 1
fry Portuguese chourico and fries together and in seperate pan saute 1/4 cup of green peppers 1/4 cup onions.
Step 2
add raw egg in churico unti cook in skillet on stove top
Step 3
put churico mix with egg and sauteed peppers and onions topped with fries inside King's Hawaiian bread

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Our founder Robert R. Taira created our Original Hawaiian Sweet Round Bread in Hilo, Hawaii during the 1950's.