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Q: Where can I find your products?
Q: What if the stores near me do not have any of your products or are not listed?
Q: What is the best way to store your products?
Q: Can I freeze your products?
Q: How do you heat your products?
Q: Where can I find KING’S HAWAIIAN Original Hawaiian Sweet Sliced Bread?
Q: Can I eat your products right out of the package?
Q: Do you have any Peanuts or Tree Nuts in your product or is there any way for cross contamination?
Q: How can I get money-saving coupons?
Q: Are your ingredients kosher certified?
Q: Are there any Pork or any Animal By-Products in your products?
Q: What are some common ways people eat your Round Bread?
Q: What are some common ways people eat your Dinner Rolls?
Q: Do you have different flavors?
Q: I have a Restaurant or Catering Service and I would love to use your products. How can I get them on my menu?
Q: Can I find your products in Canada?
Q: Do you offer a Gluten-Free Product?
Q: Is your packaging recyclable?
Q: How do you read the code on the packaging?
Q: Where can I find the best-by date for my product?
Q: Do your products have HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup)?
Q: Do you have Hydrogenated Oils in your products?
Q: How can I place an order for a cake?
Q: Do you have any restaurants outside of Los Angeles, California?
Q: Do you offer tours at your bakeries?
Q: How can I apply for a job to be a part of your ohana (family)?
Q: Why do your Hot Dog Buns have the cut on top?
Q: What are some common Hawaiian Words and what do they mean?
Q: Is King’s Hawaiian® still a family-owned company?
Q: How do you cut the King’s Hawaiian® Round Bread?
Q: Why is the kosher symbol on some packaging and not others? Are they not all Kosher Certified?
Q: Where can I find King’s Hawaiian Classic Stuffing in my area?
Q: What is the stuffing made of?
Q: I see that there are spices listed as one of your ingredients, what spices are in your stuffing?
Q: Do you use nuts in your stuffing?
Q: What is the shelf life of your stuffing?
Q: Where can I find the best by date?
Q: How should I store my bread when I get it home?
Q: Do you have tips on how to prepare your stuffing?
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