French Toast Sticks w/ Homemade Coconut Syrup

French Toast Sticks w/ Homemade Coconut Syrup
Chef Kari
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Chef Kari Rich
Chef Rich has a passion for preparing local, organic, and sustainable food from scratch. She also has a passion for classic cars, old school hip hop and being a mama to her beautiful baby girl. Kari’s recipe for Hawaiian poke earned her the 1st place prize in the “Traditional” category of the first ever I Love Poke Festival in 2010. Visit Kari’s website:
Recipe Details

2 Eggs

1 tablespoons Milk

2 teaspoons Almond Extract

2 teaspoons Cinnamon, ground

2 slices KING’S HAWAIIAN Original Hawaiian Sweet Sliced Bread

Coconut Syrup *

14 ounces Coconut Milk

1/2 cup Sugar

1 tablespoon Cornstarch

2 teaspoons Baking Soda

2 teaspoon Salt

PREP: In a pot, heat all ingredients and whisk continuously over med/low heat for 8-10 mins.

Step 1
In a shallow bowl, whisk all ingredients together (except for the bread) to make an egg batter.
Step 2
Evenly slice bread into 4 sticks per slice. 8 sticks total.
Step 3
Heat a frying pan to medium heat and spray with oil.
Step 4
Lightly dredge the sticks in egg batter and place in the hot pan, turning onto every side about 1 minute each side. Serve with your favorite condiment or syrup and some fruit for garnish.
I believe the recipe for Coconut Syrup is wrong. I created my own: Whisk 1 can of coconut milk with 1/2 cup sugar, 1 Tbsp cornstarch and 1 tsp vanilla extract in a saucepan. Add ¼ to ½ tsp salt (start with ¼, add more to taste). Add (optional) ½ cup of shredded coconut (sweetened or unsweetened—your choice). On medium heat, bring to a boil, boil and stir for a minute. If the syrup is too thick, add water ¼ cup at a time until desired thickness is reached. Note that this will thicken as it cools. This will be much thicker than commercial coconut syrup, which is mainly made with high fructose corn syrup. The baking soda and the amount of salt in this recipe are REALLY wrong.
This recipe might as well say, "take a can of coconut milk and dump it down the drain". I should have read the reviews before I had to change my syrup plans Christmas morning upon finding and making this recipe. Disgusting! King's bout a free loaf of bread for this screw up.
Wow. Something is terribly wrong with this recipe. King Hawaiian - someone needs to go back to the kitchen with this one. The salt and the baking soda completely ruin this syrup.
I offered to make the cocoanut syrup for a special Brunch and down the drain it went, sadly and I had no cocoanut syrup in reserve to try again. The baking soda and salt ruined it so badly. I am confused. I rarely have such a massive fail in cooking. I trusted this site as I have purchased the products for so many years. Sad face and no syrup for the Brunch.
Ibwas looking for a coconut syrup recipe. I think there is an error in this one. I was not paying close enough attention and added the salt - just 1 teaspoon. I should have known better. It totally ruined this syrup. I didn't aphave another can of coconut milk, so breakfast was kind of ruined!!
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